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Heron Pond

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Heron Pond

Cache River State Natural Area

Belknap, Illinois 


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Type: Parks

Illinois Tourism District: Southern

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Nestled deep within the shadowy bottomland forests of the Cache River State Natural Area is Heron Pond, a shallow wetland dominated by cypress and tupelo trees. A boardwalk winds its way into the secluded depths of this forested swamp, providing visitors a chance to step back in time and observe wetland and aquatic ecosystems that have remained relatively undisturbed for thousands of years. During the growing season, massive gray-brown cypress trunks rise from a floating carpet of brilliant emerald duckweed. These living pillars of wood extend high over the swamp before disappearing into a shadow-filled canopy. Here, seldom-seen but often-heard bird-voiced tree frogs haunt the leafy branches of tall cypress trees, their melodious calls considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the frog voices. Above and below the water's surface, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects interact in a symphony of survival.


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